stop taking the pill and destroy the relationship

Study: stop taking the pill and destroy the relationship?

Coming off the pill can have many side effects, such as hair loss or abdominal pain, to name just two examples. But did you know that your relationship can also be affected by stopping hormones? Learn more here.

Coming off the pill can affect your existing relationship. That’s what researchers at Florida State University found. To what extent your relationship could change, we tell you here.

Discontinue the pill and disrupt hormone balance

Many women stop taking the pill after years of taking it. The reasons are different: some no longer want to be exposed to the hormones and others want to start planning a baby. The artificially supplied hormones that fool the body into thinking it is pregnant are eliminated. This can lead to a disruption in the hormonal balance, which has to level off again.

That’s why many women complain about many different side effects when they stop taking the pill. Skin problems , hair loss and no menstrual periods are not uncommon here.

Researchers find link between stopping the pill and relationship problems

According to, a study by Florida State University has now found that there could be other side effects when you stop taking the pill. According to the study, your existing partnership should be influenced by the hormone chaos.

118 newly married couples were surveyed over a period of four years. You were asked about satisfaction in your relationship and about your birth control methods. In addition, the women were asked about the attractiveness of their husbands.

Surprising result of the study

In many cases, stopping the pill during the survey period caused dissatisfaction in their relationship if their husband (according to their own statement?!) was not particularly attractive. However, if the man was a pretty boy, they were even happier after stopping the pill.

Even the sexuality within the relationship is said to have changed. Because after stopping the pill, most women would have complained about dissatisfaction in their sex life – regardless of whether their husband was attractive or not so attractive.

The study carried out supported earlier findings by Saul Miller and Jon Maner of Florida State University, who found that the pill influences women’s preferences when it comes to choosing a partner. Here it became known that women who use the pill for contraception do not attach so much importance to their appearance.

Retrograde Ejaculation – What Happens?

Retrograde Ejaculation - What Happens

When the man’s semen doesn’t come out of the penis but goes back into the body, it’s called retrograde ejaculation. You can find out how this can happen and what it is exactly here.

It doesn’t happen to many men that sperm does not come out of the penis during orgasm. If this is the case, it may be due to an ejaculation disorder such as retrograde ejaculation .

What is retrograde ejaculation?

In contrast to anejaculation (in which there is no ejaculation at all), retrograde ejaculation is only a misdirection of the sperm. Instead of spurting out of the penis, the semen is mistakenly emptied into the urinary bladder.

Retrograde Ejaculation: Symptoms and Problems

You usually recognize retrograde ejaculation during sex. If little or no sperm is ejaculated, this is already a strong indication of such an ejaculation disorder. But a lack or even no orgasm sensation can also be a consequence.

Retrograde ejaculation: causes

Normally, when a man has an Read the rest

party like Hugh

Embracing the Hugh Hefner Spirit: The Art of Hosting Unforgettable Parties

Hugh Hefner, the iconic founder of Playboy magazine, was known for his extravagant parties that blended luxury, glamour, and a touch of mystique. His legendary parties became synonymous with opulence, style, and creating unforgettable experiences for his guests. In this article, we will explore the essence of Hugh Hefner’s party style and uncover the key elements that can help you host your own extraordinary gatherings, embracing the spirit of the legendary Playboy Mansion.

Setting the Scene with Ambiance

To recreate the essence of Hugh Hefner’s parties, ambiance is key. Pay attention to the setting, decor, and lighting. Choose a venue or transform your space into a luxurious and inviting environment. Dim the lights, incorporate warm and soft hues, and set up cozy seating areas that encourage conversation and connection. Consider using luxurious fabrics, such as velvet or silk, and add elegant touches like candles, fresh flowers, and tasteful artwork to create an atmosphere of refinement and sensuality.

Dress Code Elegance

Hugh Hefner’s parties were known for their glamorous dress codes. Encourage your guests to embrace a theme or dress in their most elegant attire. Whether it’s a black-tie affair, a retro-inspired dress code, or a playful twist on formalwear, setting a dress code adds to the excitement and sets the tone for an exceptional evening. Remember to communicate the dress code clearly in the invitations to ensure everyone is prepared to make a statement.

Signature Cocktails and Fine Cuisine

Indulge your guests’ senses with exquisite culinary offerings and handcrafted cocktails. Hire professional bartenders to create signature drinks that reflect the theme of the party or offer classic favorites with a twist. Consider serving canapés or gourmet small bites that are visually appealing and tantalizing to the taste buds. Whether it’s a selection of fine cheeses, elegant seafood dishes, or innovative and creative culinary delights, aim to provide a culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Entertainment and Activities

Hugh Hefner’s parties were renowned for their vibrant entertainment and engaging activities. Arrange for live music or DJ performances that match the mood and atmosphere of your event. Consider hiring professional dancers, acrobats, or entertainers to add an element of surprise and delight. Additionally, offering unique activities like casino games, photo booths, or themed interactive experiences can elevate the party atmosphere and provide memorable moments for your guests.

VIP Treatment and Attention to Detail

Emulate the VIP treatment that Hugh Hefner provided to his guests. Ensure that every detail is taken care of, from offering valet parking or a red carpet entrance to providing impeccable service throughout the evening. Pay attention to small details such as personalized name cards, luxurious restroom amenities, and attentive staff who cater to your guests’ needs. Creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury will leave your guests feeling pampered and valued.

Foster Social Connections

Hugh Hefner’s parties were renowned for bringing together diverse groups of people who shared a common desire to socialize and connect. Encourage mingling and conversation by creating designated social areas, arranging seating arrangements that foster interaction, and facilitating ice-breaking activities or conversation starters. Consider introducing interactive games or entertainment that encourages guests to interact and get to know one another, creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and camaraderie.

Hosting a party like Hugh Hefner is about creating an extraordinary experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. By paying attention to the Read the rest

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Stunning and playful girls from British escorts

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Перманентен грим на очна линия - Секси

Предпочитам Варна красиви дами да се наслаждавам на еротичен танц от горещи жени, вместо да ходя на стриптийз клуб

Аз съм голям фен на еротичния и горещ танц от горещи жени и посещавах многобройни стриптийзи във Варна, за да му се насладя. Но сега всъщност спрях да проверявам стриптийз клубовете във Варна поради това, че сега избирам зашеметяващи горещи дами за горещи танци с помощта на услугите на красиви девойки с перманентен грим на очна линия. За сексуален танц от горещи дами избирам Варна красиви дами вместо стриптийз поради множество фактори и също споделям тези причини по-долу с вас.

Лесно за получаване: Във Варна , ако искам да отида в стриптийз клуб, тогава в един момент може да се наложи да чакам много дълго на опашката и мразя да го правя. Но ако използвам услугата за красиви девойки , мога бързо да накарам дами за еротични или секси танци и те да ми доставят това удоволствие в предпочитаното от мен място. За да получа горещи дами във Варна за стриптийз, просто трябва да се свържа с фирма за красиви девойки и мога да ги наема бързо. Също така, ако не разбирам за фирмата.

Пълна лична неприкосновеност на личния живот: Във Варна посещението на стриптийз клуб винаги ми отнема поверителността, което може да ме доведе и до някои смущаващи обстоятелства. Ако обаче изгарям момичета от евтина услуга Варна красиви дами , тогава ги получавам в хотелското си пространство и мога да се наслаждавам на стрип танца в личния живот на моето пространство. Това означава, че никой друг не може да знае за моето удоволствие и аз мога да му се наслаждавам в пълна неприкосновеност. Също така, евтини Варна красиви дами или тяхната компания не споделят подробности за клиентите с други хора, така че нямам причина да се притеснявам по никакъв начин за личната си поверителност.

Красива Блондонка От ВарнаПовече удовлетворение

В стриптийз клуб, не само аз, но и много други момчета също идват и само няколко горещи дами предлагат тази атрактивна услуга за стриптийз танци на всички момчета. Това показва, че горещите дами не могат да обръщат внимание на всички мъже и в резултат на това получавам по-малко удовлетворение. Когато обаче получавам Варна красиви дами за тази услуга, тогава получавам една или повече горещи дами, които използват това удовлетворение само за мен. И така, можете да разберете как получавам повече удоволствие от този подход и този фактор е достатъчно добър, за да работя с горещи жени за секси танци от услугата красиви девойки .

Спестяване на разходи

Услугата „ Красиви девойки “ също спестява много пари за мен, тъй като получавам зашеметяващи и горещи жени на фиксирана ставка. След това не е нужно да давам допълнителна идея за това удоволствие и съм безплатен, за да им предложа допълнителен указател, само ако искам да го направя. Това не е нещо, което мога да правя в стриптийз клубовете във Варна и понякога в крайна сметка инвестирам много пари там. И по този начин услугата за красиви девойки в крайна сметка е по-надеждна за мен в сравнение със стриптийз клубовете във Варна .

Изпарявам блондинки във Варна със следните лесни стъпки

Обичам да се разхождам с горещи и горещи блондинки, но решавам да не влизам в дългосрочни отношения с тях. Също така, не обичам да следвам горещи или секси блондинки във Варна, тъй като те разкриват много начин на мислене, ако ги следя и това отнема и много от времето ми. Ето защо избирам да изпарявам и изумително разкошни блондинки чрез платени услуги за Read the rest