stop taking the pill and destroy the relationship

Study: stop taking the pill and destroy the relationship?

Coming off the pill can have many side effects, such as hair loss or abdominal pain, to name just two examples. But did you know that your relationship can also be affected by stopping hormones? Learn more here.

Coming off the pill can affect your existing relationship. That’s what researchers at Florida State University found. To what extent your relationship could change, we tell you here.

Discontinue the pill and disrupt hormone balance

Many women stop taking the pill after years of taking it. The reasons are different: some no longer want to be exposed to the hormones and others want to start planning a baby. The artificially supplied hormones that fool the body into thinking it is pregnant are eliminated. This can lead to a disruption in the hormonal balance, which has to level off again.

That’s why many women complain about many different side effects when they stop taking the pill. Skin problems , hair loss and no menstrual periods are not uncommon here.

Researchers find link between stopping the pill and relationship problems

According to, a study by Florida State University has now found that there could be other side effects when you stop taking the pill. According to the study, your existing partnership should be influenced by the hormone chaos.

118 newly married couples were surveyed over a period of four years. You were asked about satisfaction in your relationship and about your birth control methods. In addition, the women were asked about the attractiveness of their husbands.

Surprising result of the study

In many cases, stopping the pill during the survey period caused dissatisfaction in their relationship if their husband (according to their own statement?!) was not particularly attractive. However, if the man was a pretty boy, they were even happier after stopping the pill.

Even the sexuality within the relationship is said to have changed. Because after stopping the pill, most women would have complained about dissatisfaction in their sex life – regardless of whether their husband was attractive or not so attractive.

The study carried out supported earlier findings by Saul Miller and Jon Maner of Florida State University, who found that the pill influences women’s preferences when it comes to choosing a partner. Here it became known that women who use the pill for contraception do not attach so much importance to their appearance.

Retrograde Ejaculation – What Happens?

Retrograde Ejaculation - What Happens

When the man’s semen doesn’t come out of the penis but goes back into the body, it’s called retrograde ejaculation. You can find out how this can happen and what it is exactly here.

It doesn’t happen to many men that sperm does not come out of the penis during orgasm. If this is the case, it may be due to an ejaculation disorder such as retrograde ejaculation .

What is retrograde ejaculation?

In contrast to anejaculation (in which there is no ejaculation at all), retrograde ejaculation is only a misdirection of the sperm. Instead of spurting out of the penis, the semen is mistakenly emptied into the urinary bladder.

Retrograde Ejaculation: Symptoms and Problems

You usually recognize retrograde ejaculation during sex. If little or no sperm is ejaculated, this is already a strong indication of such an ejaculation disorder. But a lack or even no orgasm sensation can also be a consequence.

Retrograde ejaculation: causes

Normally, when a man has an Read the rest

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5 impressive similarities that you can find in swimwear models and

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Sex toys are an excellent choice to satisfy the sex-related requirements by preventing the disadvantages in real sexual activities. These devices or tools are completely safe and also help individuals to have wonderful fun in the absence of any kind of companion. These grown-up toys likewise raise the satisfaction if you use it with your companions. The adult sex toys only provide the terrific pleasure just if individuals go shopping these sensibly. Lots of people are uninformed of the basic things that must be kept in mind prior to acquiring the playthings. So to understand the standard ideas we seek advice from some London escorts, they give the very best techniques to purchase these enjoyment full points.

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